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Haruno Sakura
28 March
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:♡:Name:♡: Haruno Sakura
:♡:Series:♡: Naruto
:♡:Status:♡: Alive!

For the most part, Sakura is relatively cheerful and upbeat. She works hard at everything she does, although she sometimes comes up short in the end regardless. Quick tempered and often impatient, she can be judgmental at first, but often softens in the end. She cares deeply and sometimes obsessively for those closest to her. Sakura's also developed a strong drive to prove herself and her own worth. She’s grown tired of being useless and wishes desperately to catch up to her friends, and to stop being a burden on them. She feels it's high time she grew up.

[OOC: This is an RP journal. I don't own anything related to Naruto.]